About us

The company AG & BM DOOEL is founded in 2004 by Mr. Orce Manushev, as an export-import company and its main job is repurchasing of agricultural products. The company is located in the south-east part of Macedonia, in the village Murtino.

Since its foundation until today the company AG+BM DOOEL has become one of the biggest and leading companies in export of agricultural products from Macedonia.

The fact that we are among the top leading companies in our region is also confirmed by several characteristics such us:

  • High quality of fresh fruit and vegetables, cultivated in a clear environment;
  • Package of the products according to the market needs;
  • The products are always delivered on time at the foreign markets;
  • Our team consists of experts who are always here for our clients;
  • The employees work under comfortable and satisfactory condition which correspond to the HASAP quality standards.

The number of clients is very big and it keeps growing year by year. Most of our collaboration partners are from: Russia, Poland, Ukraine, The Czeck Republic, Belarus, Serbia, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey.

In 2014 the company has made a great step in its development by making an investment into a new product capacity made for production of plastic packing.

By doing this it gained the epithet of a company – oligopoly with the newest technology in the objective industry.

In production are considered the standards of production, ISO 9001 and ISO 14 001.